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Do You Have A Small Business?  Can You Run Your Business or Are You Overwhelmed With Accounts Payable/Receivable?

At JAL Insurance, A Risk Management Firm, we now specialize in professional and personal bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation.  In keeping true to our core values, JAL Insurance, A Risk Management Firm, offers full protection to all of your property, real or otherwise, by balancing your assets and liabilities.  We specialize in accounting for such industries as wholesale and retail, service and contractor.

We understand how important it is for you to grow your business rather than balancing your accounting and that's where we come in.  We offer this protection at a reasonable and affordable rate; you can choose individual services or a package.

There's no commitment involved and no risk to you - we offer assistance with your business books so you can concentrate on what you do best - YOUR BUSINESS.

With over 20+ years in business, JAL Insurance, A Risk Management Firm, has been handling clients like you since 1998.  Our greatest gift is a referral and we have many, many clients that would give a personal recommendation.  We take pride when your business grows, knowing we can assist.

We can e-file your taxes, assuring you the quickest turn-around time possible.  We are available, Monday through Friday, by appointment on the weekends to accommodate your busy schedule.

Please contact us to find out how quickly and cost-effective

JAL Insurance, A Risk Management Firm,

We can work for your company now


Dental Insurance -

   would you like to

   have no waiting

   period on major


Health Insurance - 

    are you utilizing your

    benefits correctly?

Accident Insurance - 

    do you remember all

    the times you ran to

    urgent care this past


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